Art Projects 2018-2021

Project ‘Poetry in red’


Since my first group exhibition, I try to implement poetry in visual art. Poetry should be on canvas. People need not only to read the poem but also to see the poem. How it looks like, which color and rhythm the poem has. It provides a deep immersion into lyrics. Art is poetry.

Project ‘Boredom’


The project ”Boredom” is based on the essay ‘’In Praise of Boredom’’ by Joseph Brodsky. The artworks reflect the idea of to reach the bottom of the insignificance and become free. There is no way out of the vicious circle. You will never be out of the circle of boredom, even if you change your place, country, family, work. The only thing that can be done is to completely accept your own size in comparison with the Universe.

After acceptance, you will feel relief. You are insignificant because you are finite. Yet the more finite a thing is, the more it is charged with life, emotions, joy, fears, compassion. I wanted the viewer of these artworks to understand the pure insignificance and feel the energy of the new knowledge.

Project ‘Nature Morte’


The project ”Nature Morte” (from French ”nature morte” – “dead nature”), it is peculiar interpretation of a classic still lifes. The idea is to take a dead piece of nature and create the art with it. Currently, there are artworks with the orange peels which were sewn by the fish line.

The paintings can depict anything that the viewer has in the mind. I have asked people what they see in those paintings. I got a variety of answers from the squashed zombie brains to the sunflower. Additionally, I have tried to use grapefruit, lemon and lime. However, not all combinations are worked, and it is exciting to experiment with it more.

For the exhibition ‘Correspondences’

2018-2019 Lecce, Italy

The title “Correspondences” refers to the first section of the book The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire, the most extensive, entitled ‘Spleen and the ideal’. The reality, according to what the poet says, is the place where one comes into contact with the spiritual world, with that deeper truth of things that goes beyond their outward appearance.

The ”Correspondences” exhibition indicates the place of communication between the material world and the spiritual world and was hosted in two places, including an art gallery and a 15th-century chapel, located in Lecce, Italy. Both places symbolically represent the meeting of distant worlds.



One of my passion of culture is the poetry. Through my artworks I would like that people start reading and researching the poems and poets.


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